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Why buy Poly Outdoor Furniture?

-The best furniture uses the best materials-

Poly Lumber makes strong, comfortable outdoor furniture without the hassles typically associated with upkeep. It’s easy to care for, needs no painting and can withstand harsh weather. Poly is an environmentally friendly choice, because it is made from recycled milk jugs.

Why pick poly?

  • It's RECYCLED!

    Made from milk jugs the recycling process includes:

    • Sorting to ensure that only the highest quality plastics continue through the recycling process
    • Every milk bottle is ground, washed, melted and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets, which are tested to maintain the highest quality control standards.
    • The pellets then move to a plastic extruder where they are re-melted and shaped into precision-cut lumber.
  • Our premium poly offers

    • Smooth Feel
    • Dense material that is more durable
    • No cracking, splitting or bacterial growth
    • Virtually no maintenance (cleans with non-abrasive soap and water)
    • Unaffected by salt spray for seaside living
    • Color that goes through the material (not a coating) that’s UV stabilized and resists fading
  • Fasteners

    Our fasteners are chrome-plated stainless steel. Used widely in the salt-water marine industry, these fasteners resist corrosion better than typical grades of stainless steel.

  • Coated Protection

    We have minimal visible aluminum components on our furniture. Those that are visible are powder- coated to increase both beauty and durability.

  • Durability

    We use welded aluminum frames under tabletops, heat-bended curved components and thicker material for support pieces. New products undergo extensive strength testing to ensure the strongest, longest lasting furniture possible.