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Gazebos, Pergolas, Pavilions - Belvidere, TN


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Our Gazebos, Pergolas, or Pavilions are made from your choice of vinyl or wood


- Classic and Carefree

When you choose vinyl, maintenance becomes a worry-free proposition. Durable and Beautiful, vinyl requires very little attention. Regular cleaning with a mild dish detergent or similar product is normally all that’s required to keep your pavilion looking its best.


- The beauty of Wood

The richness and warmth of wood are unsurpassed, and they create a powerful connection between your backyard setting and the natural world. Made from hand-selected top grade southern yellow pine, our wood structures come in several finish choices.


A Gazebo offers a beautiful, Classic look. You can enjoy the outdoors for everything from entertaining to quiet reflection while being comfortable and sheltered.

So many size options – You start by picking a size - From 7’ x 9’ classic arbor swing with a double poly swing set to standard sizes of 24’ x 36’ to host a crowd. You can get them in an Octagon, Oblong or in a Rectangular shape.

Plus many more options to personalize your gazebo for how you can use it to enjoy the great outdoors.


A Pergola provides some shade from the sun but are still airy and open. Pergola’s block between 50 and 80 percent of sunlight, depending on shade style and location of sun. They fit into any nook and corner, where you can sit down, relax and enjoy your backyard.

Our Pergola’s are also available in Western Red Cedar, for a relaxed yet bold appearance. Cedar is a gold standard for durability.

In addition to the structure you can choose options such as Curtains, blinds, privacy walls or stone columns to place around the posts.

Visit our showroom to see the options and select your new structure.


A Pavilion offers style and beauty, making your backyard a showplace. You can make an outdoor room with a Pavilion giving you some protection for your kitchen and furniture.

Available in our top grade selection of southern yellow pine, or in vinyl. You can choose the roof style and even some options for the posts and beams on certain models.

Built-on-your-site available! We can build a pavilion for you or if you would like we also sell them as a kit if you want to get some friends to help you set it up.